Leak Pro® Probe Bio

Some history on the Leak Pro® Probe and its inventor Terry. The Probe was born out of the desire to find a leak without having to assemble any tools. Often times, it took many trips to and from the truck to get all the necessary parts in order to use the only good leak  locator that was on the market at that time. Often times after the assembly and job was complete the parts would get left behind costing Terry money and time to replace them.

This was very frustrating and the idea to invent a leak locating device that required no assembly was born.  It took many years to find the right combination of parts to realize the Leak Pro® Probe. Finally, born out of frustration, the Leak Pro® Probe was patented in 1999. Since then, it had such a good review from plumbers that now it is sold all over the world, and is often the first and only tool out of the plumbers truck for locating sewer lines, water leaks, swimming pool leaks, and leaks under slabs.

probe in use

The Leak Pro® Probe is backed with a “Lifetime” warranty and outstanding product support and mentoring from Terry. The Leak Pro® Probe is now being sold online through Amazon and Ebay or you can go call Terry directly at 760-832-5325 for more information. Our Website is another place to get more information on our products.


Business in a Box

We here at Leak Pro are working at providing a financing plan so you can take our training course, receive the tools you need to start your own business, and begin working in the leak locating business making up to $200.00 per hour. We will let you know when this feature has been fully implemented. For information about us or what our equipment can do for you just visit our page at Leak-Pro.com.

Leak Pro® Probe

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Water leak locating equipment for pools and slabsLocate Leaks Like a Pro

The ultimate in leak locating equipment. Our Leak Pro® Probe is often the only tool a plumber needs to locate leaks under a slab or in a pool.
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For more information Visit our website at Leak-Pro.com. We offer a lifetime warranty on this amazing leak locator plus Terry will mentor you every step of the way. Connect to our Facebook page here.