Successful Trainee

One of our trainees successfully using Leak Pro® Equipment and the skills he has learned from completing Leak Pro ® Training.  Here he is using the probe to check for the sounds of leaks within the structure walls.

Here he is using our newly released Leak Pro® Side Kick, which works just like the probe but is designed to get into the smaller places with much more ease than maneuvering with the longer Probe.

Our high quality tools help you to become a successful Leak Pro. With our training and our tools you can find success, help to save our precious water resource, as well as save your customers money. While helping to save our natural resources you can earn up to $250.00 per hour.  Why wait? Make the investment to secure your future today.

For more information on our training package or our tools visit our main website’s Training page and Products page or give us a call at 760-832-5325