Praise Report for Training and Equipment

I went through the Leak Pro training about 3 years ago. I can honestly say that this has changed my life and is more of a gift than just another equipment purchase.

Terry puts this training on for you, and yes it’s as intense as it is informative. Terry puts 50 years of leak detection experience into you, holding back no trade secrets. You will hear him say over and over, “Make money!” Terry wants to hear your killing it out there! He also provides continued tech support and rarely misses a phone call when you really need guidance.

Terry shows you a very simple and proven system to accurately locate any leak. I won’t say what that is, you will have to go through the training to find that out what that is and join the club. You can call any student he has ever trained for advice and networking. Terry has created a community within a community that tends to be very secretive and closed off to other competition.

As far as the equipment is concerned it cannot be matched on any level by any other locating equipment ever developed! My Probe is as clear and sensitive as the day I bought it 3 years ago, and I have put it through a lot! The Probe makes you rely on your intuition and knowledge, this cuts down the possibility for a false positive dramatically!

Terry has learned that fancy gizmos and gadgets don’t find leaks, the operator does. With The Probe’s clarity and sensitivity you have the advantage over your competition! This is the best kept secret in leak detection. Every locator needs to take the Leak Pro training and The Probe should be in every single locator’s arsenal of locating equipment.

Terry has put hundreds of people in the leak detection trade and all are successful! He does not set you up for failure, you will succeed! If your going to get into leak detection call Terry first before you do anything else first!

Ryan West
Leak Science