Happy Trainee

One of our recent trainees had this to say about Leak Pro training, staff and products. Edited to add only the quotations:
One of our trainees had this to say about his recent experience with us:

Good morning,

“Terry, I am pausing to thank you and the Leak Pro Team for your kindness as well the outstanding professionalism you and your staff shown me while training at the Leak Pro Academy located in Morongo Valley California.

Leak Pro history ,development, theory and facts is relevant for this new season of leak detection’s accompanied with hands on training in a real life experience laboratory is impeccable.

With over thirty 30 years in the water mitigation and leak detection industry an having used many other leak detection tools; I come to know that Leak Pro is a legitimate harbinger of this new era for leak detection’s of all kinds_ bluntly saying without fear or failure Leak Pro puts your ego in check by pinpointing and announcing the exact location of all types of leaks without error.

Leak Pro took out the worry of the actual service need whether its a back flow valve, water pressure test, mystery leak, cold/hot water supply leak, hot water reservoir leak, slab leak, underground leak, gas leak, pool leak, sewer etc; Leak Pro identify the leak, Leak Pro locates the leak, Leak Pro verify the leak_ Leak Pro is awesome, Leak Pro delivers, Leak pro is affordable!

Leak Pro locate the leak so fast and accurate that the shocking experience of finding the leak puts a sparkle in your eyes and have always left my customers with a big smile and a minimum cost.

After training and returning back to my office in South Florida I put Leak Pro to work adding an additional 25K to my monthly income for me I didn’t have to think twice; I were shown everything to do so I simply applied it.

I highly recommend Leak Pro because when you are looking to solve leaks problems and not knowing where to start pick up your smart phone an press the microphone then say “I need a Leak Pro” there you have it from a satisfied student, Harvard Graduate, Retired USMC and Federal Agent.”

Very Best Regards


Kahapp, it was a pleasure doing business with you. You are one of the good guys.

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