Water Crisis

With the water crisis comes the fear of water waste. Water waste is when water is dripping or leaking without a purpose. During times like this it is important to track down that water leak and get it fixed, which can sometimes be a very hard process. Terry, the inventor of the Leak Pro® Probe understands this difficult task. With the Probe the leak locating becomes relatively easy and thus will save many gallons of unwanted water waste. .

Every plumber should have one, since the Probe also helps to locate the sewer lines that sometimes need to be accessed. This tool and others invented by Terry of Leak Pro® are a favorite tool of plumbers. One customer has this to say about Leak Pro:

“Terry is a great teacher and his “laboratory”, which has many stations that have different types of leaks, allow for a non-experienced person to become familiar with leak detecting. Terry also makes himself available after your classes to help you when you’re out in the field dealing with difficulties! He’s a great guy! I highly recommend LeakPro!”  Brandt Junker

The training is done near Palm Springs, CA. on a beautiful desert scene of 5 acres in the cooler mountain area of Morongo Valley. Visit our website for more information.