Have you ever called a plumber?

If you are a plumber or homeowner you know how fast this small leak  can turn into this large leak.

water-leak  basement-water-leakage

This is why Leak Pro® manufactures the Leak Pro® Probe. The Probe is the ideal plumbing tool for plumbers and those who are interested in the leak locating business. With the Leak Pro® Probe you are sure to be a hit among those people looking to track down a leak and your other plumber friends as well.

Find out more information by visiting our website at Leak-Pro.com. You can also find us on E-bay and Amazon for your shopping needs.


3 thoughts on “Have you ever called a plumber?

  1. I have had twelve plumbers in the last month to find a leak in the ground. keep in mind the pipe was 1/2 mile long. And not one was able to find it. I look up how to fix myself and found the helium detector on this web site, After twelve plumber who three of them the water company remanded, and a renter who would not stop about her water bill. One month later in one day problem solved. I can rest now. It is great. Terry walk us through step by step. He answers the phone. You are a wonderful company. Now I have become Rita no leak to big call me for any problems. Thank you.
    This will come in handy for my shopping center too.

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