One Day Leak Detection Leak Pro®

We here at Leak Pro® are going back into the water leak detection business. We have 40 years experience in this field and are ready to help you locate your residential slab water leaks, pool leaks, ground leaks, yard leaks, and inside plumbing leaks. We will be servicing Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, Twenty Palms, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Indio California areas. Give us a call for pricing and availability. Lisa 760-567-8728, Terry 760-832-5325

One Day Leak Detection Leak Pro®
One Day Leak Detection Leak Pro®

A Leak Pro® Probe User

Today we received a call from a customer that said he bought the Probe because he had a water leak in a mobile home park. He sated that he called a leak locating business who gave him a price tag of $900 just to show up plus an additional $250 per hour to find the leak. The worse part was that they could not schedule him in until three weeks in the future. He proceeded to use the Probe to find the leak and save the earth’s precious water from wasting.

This could be money that your business could be making along with the satisfaction of knowing how valuable our water is and that you helped to preserve this resource as well as saving the customer from undue stress and potentially thousands of dollars in damage caused by water leaking.

If you are interested or want more information please visit our website or call Terry, the inventor of the Probe and also the first certified Leak Pro®.

Water Leak Detection Tools

Water leak detection is a big business. Leak Detection specialists working for a company are making between $80,000 and $120,000 a year. These numbers are gathered from job posting forums. When a water leak detection can pay it’s employees this much money you know that the company is making big bucks on these leaks and the people who detect these leaks. We here at Leak Pro® can train you to become your own leak detection specialist.  Our training package comes complete with the leak locating tools needed to start your own leak detection business. Investing in your future is a smart move for you and your family.

We also offer our tools independent of training. Our superb shipping department ships your order within 24 hours of your order. Our products are made in America, have a one year to lifetime warranty, and Terry, the inventor, is always willing to take your call to help you if the need ever arises. When you purchase from Leak Pro® you can be assured that you are making a great decision.

Invest in yourself today, while helping to save our water resources by finding those leaks.

Successful Trainee

One of our trainees successfully using Leak Pro® Equipment and the skills he has learned from completing Leak Pro ® Training.  Here he is using the probe to check for the sounds of leaks within the structure walls.

Here he is using our newly released Leak Pro® Side Kick, which works just like the probe but is designed to get into the smaller places with much more ease than maneuvering with the longer Probe.

Our high quality tools help you to become a successful Leak Pro. With our training and our tools you can find success, help to save our precious water resource, as well as save your customers money. While helping to save our natural resources you can earn up to $250.00 per hour.  Why wait? Make the investment to secure your future today.

For more information on our training package or our tools visit our main website’s Training page and Products page or give us a call at 760-832-5325




Another Satisfied Customer

This is an email I received last night regarding our Leak Pro Probe Tool

I am the owner of Flaggs RV resort in York Beach Maine. I had an under ground water leak in my rv park so I contacted leak pro. I discussed my water leak problem in great dept with Terry and he recommended for me to start with the probe tool. So I purchased the probe tool and received it within 4 days of ordering. Terry the owner of the company personally walked me through the detection process every step of the way. I ended up finding and repairing 5 under ground water leaks with the leak pro probe tool..The leak pro support was second to none. I was loosing 60 gallons an hour. The leak pro probe tool was a life saver for me . Great tool.

Michael Trahan
Flaggs Rv resort
York Beach Maine

Update From One of Our Trainees

Received this in email the other day.  We love reports of success. The email follows:

Praise Report for Training and Equipment

I went through the Leak Pro training about 3 years ago. I can honestly say that this has changed my life and is more of a gift than just another equipment purchase.

Terry puts this training on for you, and yes it’s as intense as it is informative. Terry puts 50 years of leak detection experience into you, holding back no trade secrets. You will hear him say over and over, “Make money!” Terry wants to hear your killing it out there! He also provides continued tech support and rarely misses a phone call when you really need guidance.

Terry shows you a very simple and proven system to accurately locate any leak. I won’t say what that is, you will have to go through the training to find that out what that is and join the club. You can call any student he has ever trained for advice and networking. Terry has created a community within a community that tends to be very secretive and closed off to other competition.

As far as the equipment is concerned it cannot be matched on any level by any other locating equipment ever developed! My Probe is as clear and sensitive as the day I bought it 3 years ago, and I have put it through a lot! The Probe makes you rely on your intuition and knowledge, this cuts down the possibility for a false positive dramatically!

Terry has learned that fancy gizmos and gadgets don’t find leaks, the operator does. With The Probe’s clarity and sensitivity you have the advantage over your competition! This is the best kept secret in leak detection. Every locator needs to take the Leak Pro training and The Probe should be in every single locator’s arsenal of locating equipment.

Terry has put hundreds of people in the leak detection trade and all are successful! He does not set you up for failure, you will succeed! If your going to get into leak detection call Terry first before you do anything else first!

Ryan West
Leak Science

Happy Trainee

One of our recent trainees had this to say about Leak Pro training, staff and products. Edited to add only the quotations:
One of our trainees had this to say about his recent experience with us:

Good morning,

“Terry, I am pausing to thank you and the Leak Pro Team for your kindness as well the outstanding professionalism you and your staff shown me while training at the Leak Pro Academy located in Morongo Valley California.

Leak Pro history ,development, theory and facts is relevant for this new season of leak detection’s accompanied with hands on training in a real life experience laboratory is impeccable.

With over thirty 30 years in the water mitigation and leak detection industry an having used many other leak detection tools; I come to know that Leak Pro is a legitimate harbinger of this new era for leak detection’s of all kinds_ bluntly saying without fear or failure Leak Pro puts your ego in check by pinpointing and announcing the exact location of all types of leaks without error.

Leak Pro took out the worry of the actual service need whether its a back flow valve, water pressure test, mystery leak, cold/hot water supply leak, hot water reservoir leak, slab leak, underground leak, gas leak, pool leak, sewer etc; Leak Pro identify the leak, Leak Pro locates the leak, Leak Pro verify the leak_ Leak Pro is awesome, Leak Pro delivers, Leak pro is affordable!

Leak Pro locate the leak so fast and accurate that the shocking experience of finding the leak puts a sparkle in your eyes and have always left my customers with a big smile and a minimum cost.

After training and returning back to my office in South Florida I put Leak Pro to work adding an additional 25K to my monthly income for me I didn’t have to think twice; I were shown everything to do so I simply applied it.

I highly recommend Leak Pro because when you are looking to solve leaks problems and not knowing where to start pick up your smart phone an press the microphone then say “I need a Leak Pro” there you have it from a satisfied student, Harvard Graduate, Retired USMC and Federal Agent.”

Very Best Regards


Kahapp, it was a pleasure doing business with you. You are one of the good guys.

Water Crisis

With the water crisis comes the fear of water waste. Water waste is when water is dripping or leaking without a purpose. During times like this it is important to track down that water leak and get it fixed, which can sometimes be a very hard process. Terry, the inventor of the Leak Pro® Probe understands this difficult task. With the Probe the leak locating becomes relatively easy and thus will save many gallons of unwanted water waste. .

Every plumber should have one, since the Probe also helps to locate the sewer lines that sometimes need to be accessed. This tool and others invented by Terry of Leak Pro® are a favorite tool of plumbers. One customer has this to say about Leak Pro:

“Terry is a great teacher and his “laboratory”, which has many stations that have different types of leaks, allow for a non-experienced person to become familiar with leak detecting. Terry also makes himself available after your classes to help you when you’re out in the field dealing with difficulties! He’s a great guy! I highly recommend LeakPro!”  Brandt Junker

The training is done near Palm Springs, CA. on a beautiful desert scene of 5 acres in the cooler mountain area of Morongo Valley. Visit our website for more information.

Have you ever called a plumber?

If you are a plumber or homeowner you know how fast this small leak  can turn into this large leak.

water-leak  basement-water-leakage

This is why Leak Pro® manufactures the Leak Pro® Probe. The Probe is the ideal plumbing tool for plumbers and those who are interested in the leak locating business. With the Leak Pro® Probe you are sure to be a hit among those people looking to track down a leak and your other plumber friends as well.

Find out more information by visiting our website at You can also find us on E-bay and Amazon for your shopping needs.